biological marker

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(1) A characteristic which is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention.
(2) A molecular indicator of a specific biological property or function that can be measured in blood or other body fluids or tissues; a biochemical feature or facet that can be used to suggest the presence of a particular disease, measure its progress or the effects of treatment.
PSA for prostate cancer, Hb1a for glucose control in diabetics, troponin I for acute MI.

biological marker

Biomarker, a substance, physiological characteristic, gene, etc. that indicates, or may indicate, the presence of disease, a physiological abnormality or a psychological condition.
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Greater exposure to tobacco smoke was also associated with higher levels of a biological marker for "bad" cholesterol, or low-density lipoprotein (LDL).
A chemist for the Hershey chocolate company tested the pottery and found traces of theobromine, a bioLogicaL marker for cacao, from which chocolate is made.
Certainly, the current study will not immediately produce a biological marker for clinicians.
Biological markers of semen exposure may provide an alternative for measuring condom use and supply evidence for assessing the validity of traditional condom use measurements," says Maria Gallo, an FHI research associate who is coordinating this biological marker investigation, which should yield results in 2004.
Measurement of S-100B has been proposed as a biological marker of brain damage, e.
Some bioethicists make "delayed personhood" arguments which claim that before an "X" biological marker event there is no human "individual" and therefore the human embryo or foetus has a reduced moral status.
The researchers found an association between low vitamin D levels (less than 32 milligrams per milliliter of blood) and poor scores on every major biological marker used to predict a breast-cancer patient's outcome.
Chapters cover applications such as the use of probiotics, the PCR-DGGE method in tracing the geographical origin of fish using native bacterial flora as a biological marker, and molecular diagnostic methods in identifying bacterial and viral diseases of fish and shrimp.
The university's Institute for Ageing and Health has found a strong link between blood cell telomere length, a biological marker of ageing, and the function of the heart.
In search of a biological marker for densely ionizing radiation, Brenner and his colleagues in Russia and Singapore focused on genetic irregularities known as stable intrachromosomal aberrations.
Other topics include a pathway for the development of drugs, the new epidemiology showing changing trends and causes, adverse effects of corticosteroid therapy, and whether colonic hypersensitivity really is a biological marker for the syndrome.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute researchers have identified a new biological marker present in the urine of patients with prostate cancer that indicates whether the cancer is progressing and spreading.

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