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This article, while it agrees with scholars like William Toll, Noam Pianko, and Victoria Hattam, who counter Sollors and Hollinger by arguing that Kallen sought to distance himself from the racist perception of biological determinism then gripping American politics, nevertheless takes Kallen's claims for a determined Jewish inheritance at face value.
OTHER AUTHORS HAVE TOLD THE grim story of eugenics much more intelligibly and interestingly than Perry--indeed, his short, disjointed account relies heavily on two excellent books, Edwin Black's War against the Weak (2003) and Daniel Kevles's In the Name of Eugenics (1985)--but Perry's point is clear enough and undeniably correct: a crude form of biological determinism gave rise to great cruelty and bloodshed.
As a consequence, the biological determinist explanations appeared to have had stronger and profound impact on the generally accepted interpretations of these concepts across different societies today (reference to the section on implications of biological determinism).
Furthermore, this consistent pattern of findings was observed despite differences between these two samples on participants' level of sexual prejudice and perceived biological determinism, thereby providing additional support to the idea that the examined process is consistent across these two countries.
Here Stiles argues that 'the spectre of biological determinism is no less disturbing to us than it was to our Victorian predecessors' (p.
If you're in the latter camp, you have an ally in Raymond Tallis, a retired physician and clinical scientist in the United Kingdom who staunchly opposes biological determinism, or biologism.
Counselors who overrely on the biological-essentialist model for conceptualizing same-sex sexuality may fall back into a dichotomous mode of thinking about sexuality (De Cecco & Elia, 1993) and may fallaciously rely on biological determinism to explain human behavior (Douthit, 2006).
We have come a long way since the sociobiology controversy a quarter of a century ago when scientists curiously found themselves embroiled in the same heated debates as those of their counterparts in the humanities during the same period--debates over matters such as diversity, sex roles, biological determinism, and human agency.
Second, contemporary research into the relationship between biological determinism and LGBT tolerance is described.
(49) So, though as Rafter points out elsewhere, the Institute was "not founded until enthusiasm for criminal anthropology had begun to fade," (50) biological determinism was still a persuasive theory to many.
Over a Coca Cola, a pro-life American pastor talked to me about creationism, the iniquity of Darwin and the need for women to understand the biological determinism of remaining in the home.
The first camp uses biological determinism to build its case, while the second focuses on socio-cultural conditioning.
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