biologic plausibility

biologic plausibility,

a method of reasoning used to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between a biologic factor and a particular disease.

bi·o·log·ic plau·si·bil·i·ty

(bīŏ-lojik plawzi-bili-tē)
The fact that a hypothesis and the relationship that it proposes are in harmony with existing scientific information.
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Tenofovir has been shown to have in vitro activity against HSV-2, providing biologic plausibility to the Partners PrEP study finding, but the 90% effective concentration of the drug required to achieve strong anti-HSV-2 activity in the laboratory makes it likely that good adherence to daily oral PrEP is necessary to see the clinical benefit in terms of reduced HSV-2 acquisition, Dr.
An anti-ovarian cancer benefit for statin therapy appears to have biologic plausibility, according to Dr.
The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices also recommends that women should be counseled to avoid becoming pregnant for 1 month after each dose of a VZV-containing vaccine, considering the biologic plausibility of vaccine virus replication (1,2).
It leaves little doubt that these observational data are biologic plausibility.
If the threshold of expected occurrence is not exceeded but there appears to be an argument for biologic plausibility or much public health interest, investigators must use their best judgment when deciding if further investigation is warranted.
Evidence from animal or mechanistic studies sometimes adds support to the epidemiologic evidence or suggests biologic plausibility when human evidence is lacking for a particular factor.
Preclinical data lend biologic plausibility to a potential association between long-term bisphosphonate use and atypical femoral fracture.
There may be some biologic plausibility to this theory, they said.
The biologic plausibility of a link between ADHD symptoms and obesity is based on results from positron emission tomography studies showing a reduced availability of dopamine receptors in people with ADHD and in people who are obese.
He added that another recurring theme in the antivaccine organizations is a lack of scientific understanding: "'In trying to explain biologic plausibility to them, the parents don't seem to get that.
This work is a comprehensive review of this literature and a summary of the principal epidemiologic criteria supporting asbestos as a cause of laryngeal cancer, namely: (1) consistency of the epidemiologic studies, (2) biologic plausibility, (3) strength of association, (4) dose-response effect, and (5) effect modification.
For those with a more evidence-based approach, Jain's contributors are at times too ready to accept biologic plausibility and anecdote as a justification for routine practice.