biologic dressing

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1. any of various materials used for covering and protecting a wound.
2. in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as choosing, putting on, and removing clothes for a person who cannot do this for himself or herself.
biologic dressing one used in treatment of a burn or other large denuded area of skin to prevent infection and fluid loss; it may consist of synthetic material or a xenograft, allograft, or autograft
hydrocolloid dressing wafers or granules containing particles that interact with wound exudate to absorb the exudate by forming a gel.
pressure dressing one by which pressure is exerted on the covered area to prevent collection of fluids in underlying tissues; most commonly used after skin grafting and in treatment of burns.
protective dressing a light dressing to prevent exposure to injury or infection.

biologic dressing,

a dressing for burn injuries that is made from pigskin or synthetic materials with characteristics like those of human skin. The dressing is most effective in treating burns that are of uniform depth and of superficial partial thickness. It should be applied as soon as possible after the injury and should adhere to the wound during healing. Once adherence is established the wound can be left open and the patient can bathe and wear clothing over it.