biologic assay

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A method for assessing the effect of a compound, technique, or procedure on an organism.
Synonym(s): biologic assay

biologic assay.

See bioassay.


Determination of the potency or concentration of a compound by its effect on animals, isolated tissues, or microorganisms, as contrasted with analysis of its chemical or physical properties.
Synonym(s): biologic assay, biotest.
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The Arizona Cancer Center will conduct biologic assays to screen TRAP-generated compounds for pharmacologic activity against cancer-related drug targets.
Genmab will use its fully human antibody technology in combination with its broad antibody development capabilities, including a diverse array of biologic assays and animal disease models, to generate and test fully human antibodies to these novel disease targets.
of Baystate Medical Center, a surgical pathologist who maintains an active research interest in tissue-based immunohistochemical and molecular biologic assays for cancer diagnosis; and Shirin Nash, M.