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1. In dentistry, attachment of tissue to an alloplastic material.
2. Being combined, or the process of combining, into a complete and harmonious whole.
3. In physiology, the process of building up.


n a condition that occurs when ceramic implant materials are used and there is no space located between the bone and dental implant.
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The clinical evaluation of implants' biointegration involved the measurement of the animal's body temperature, behavior; the evaluation of the animal's ability to support its injured extremity; the evaluation of the response of the animal to the compression in the vicinity of the implant as well as the availability of inflammation that could be detected by the degree of swelling and exudation.
The absence of inflammatory complications in animals of the experimental group in the early postsurgical period (3 and 7 days after surgery) and the need for considerable efforts to extract the implants at the end of the experiment can serve as evidence of the biointegration of the studied implant coatings that have passed thermal oxidation and have been modified by nanoaggregates of flavonoids.
A Family of Novel Reticulated Elastomeric Biostable and Biodegradable Polyurethane Biomaterials--Achieving Biointegration for Tissue Ingrowth and Enhanced Healing
Reasonable biointegration and cellular ingrowth were reported, with high-porosity expanded polytetrafluoroethylene for facial plastic surgery [121].
Healionics is a privately held biomaterials company whose mission is to be the leading provider of tissue regeneration and device biointegration solutions to healthcare manufacturers.
Biointegration is the phenomenon of formation of chemical bond between implant material and the tissue interface, resulting in a continuum, where the bond can be to the extracellular matrix (ECM) or mineral in case of bones.
Healionics Corporation, a provider of tissue regeneration and device biointegration solutions to healthcare manufacturers, today announced that the Company has entered into multiple new research agreements for application of its STAR(TM) biomaterial.