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1. In dentistry, attachment of tissue to an alloplastic material.
2. Being combined, or the process of combining, into a complete and harmonious whole.
3. In physiology, the process of building up.
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Since dental implantation involves the introduction into the body tissues of the foreign bodies, the main condition of success is, respectively, the engraftment (biointegration) of implantable material.
Biointegration of experimental implants was investigated in rabbits of "Grey Giant" breed in the course of a clinical experiment conducted at the clinical hospital of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Food, and Biotechnology at Saratov State Agrarian University.
Bone implant contact is a vital parameter for biointegration and it depends upon biocompatibility and bioactivity of the implant.
Therefore, considerable effort has been expended to developing new technologies to modify the surface of titanium to assist biointegration with bone [39].
A Family of Novel Reticulated Elastomeric Biostable and Biodegradable Polyurethane Biomaterials--Achieving Biointegration for Tissue Ingrowth and Enhanced Healing
Reasonable biointegration and cellular ingrowth were reported, with high-porosity expanded polytetrafluoroethylene for facial plastic surgery [121].
Hence, this study has thrown valuable light on biointegration biology of SPAEK implants.
Currently, there is a need to clearly define biointegration, osseointegration and other allied terms.