n organizational prop-erties of biological systems. Also called
information medicine hypothesis and
information biology.
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Electronic auction: rendering services for obtaining and processing bioinformation data of the genomes of pathogenic mycobacteria
discern as "potential future" uses of forensic bioinformation.
Bhaskar, Comparison and Correlation of Binding Mode of ATP in the Kinase Domains of Hexokinase Family, Bioinformation.
Nowadays, semen (and a large variety of animal tissues) is extracted from animal bodies, immortalised via cryogenics techniques, codified as bioinformation, even patented and transmuted into bankable commodities, which can be mobilised basically anywhere and put to work to generate new (live)stock (see Parry, 2015).
Two new SIGs were founded, the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition SIG in 1997 and the Bioinformation Technology SIG in 2002, the latter being a follow-up and extension of the Neurocomputing SIG.
15] Jong Yeol, Kim, "A study on a Reinforced Certification Technique Using an Accredited Certificate and Bioinformation," Master's thesis, Graduate School of Information Sciences Soongsil University, 2012.
The authors, however, draw attention to the ways in which broader debates about the storage of bioinformation in both countries plays a role, with Austria being highly sceptical of genetic technologies in general; this may have influenced some of the responses.
Liu, "EGID: an ensemble algorithm for improved genomic island detection in genomic sequences," Bioinformation, vol.
Forensic scientist Wick, bioinformation scientist Samir V.
Prometheus, biotech companies "are working to make sure the [patent claims] focus more on the novelty and the testing processes at the exclusion of computers for processing bioinformation in patent claims," says Edward Reines, a partner at Weil, Gotshal & Manges.
This issue's resources department offers a comprehensive listing of bioinformation databases in use today, as well as the tools available to analyze that data and guidance on how researchers can use this information to advance their own research efforts.
FUTURE OF FORENSIC BIOINFORMATION (2010), available at http://www.

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