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A scientific discipline encompassing all aspects of biologic information acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, analysis, and interpretation that combines the tools and techniques of mathematics, computer science, and biology with the aim of understanding the biologic significance of a variety of data.
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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The use of computer science, mathematics, and information theory to organize and analyze complex biological data, especially genetic data. Also called biocomputing.
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The computerised management, manipulation and analysis of large blocks of biomolecular data—especially DNA sequence data—using advanced computing, including electronic databases on genomes, protein sequences and 3-dimensional modeling of biomolecules and biologic systems
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Informatics The use of information technology to acquire, store, manage and analyze biological data. See Genomics, Informatics. Cf Chemoinformatics.
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A scientific discipline encompassing all aspectsof biologic information acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, analysis, and interpretation; it combines the tools and techniques of mathematics, computer science, and biology with the aim of understanding the biologic significance of a variety of data.
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The branch of information science concerned with large databases of biochemical or pharmaceutical information.
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the computer-based discipline that includes methods for storage, retrieval and analysis of biological data, such as RNA, DNA and PROTEIN sequences, structures and genetic interactions, by constructing electronic databases.

It is particularly relevant to GENOMICS, because of the need to manage the large amount of data generated by this research. Sometimes referred to as MOLECULAR BIOLOGY IN SILICO.

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