biodiversity prospecting

biodiversity prospecting,

n globally locating medicinally beneficial flora for commercial use.
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The dry forests, cloud forests, and rainforests where I live in Costa Rica absorbed Hurricane Mitch without a blink, just as they do a visit by 2,500 schoolchildren a year, just as they absorb biodiversity prospecting, just as they absorb you on your bird-watching honeymoon.
The author focuses on environmental education, remarkable growth and diversification of environmental NGOs ([greater than]100), booming ecotourism (expected to exceed one million visitors in 1999), and INBio's leadership in biodiversity prospecting.
Second, it is widely accepted that public goods - of which biodiversity is certainly one - should be financed from broad-based taxes based on the principle of minimal allocative distortion; supporting biodiversity conservation with revenues from biodiversity prospecting would appear not to meet this criterion.
Those who contend that bioprospecting is not likely to yield substantial profits are belied by the giant profit-making firms who clearly see the value in such biodiversity prospecting efforts.
The bulk of the Conservation Area would be devoted, exclusively and in perpetuity, to non-destructive uses--tourism, science, and biodiversity prospecting (as the search for useful genes and chemicals among living organisms is known).
A recent book incorporating contributions from several noted biologists, legal scholars, and officials at biodiversity prospecting organizations suggests that by undertaking a greater share of the activities--and costs--of product development, source country organizations also can capture a greater share of the value added (Reid et al.
Dozens of private and public organizations currently engage in biodiversity prospecting activities (see Reid et al.
The substantial growth in biodiversity prospecting has fostered the establishment of a number of intermediaries.
What should these regulations look like if they are to ensure that biodiversity prospecting lives up to its promise?
Juma, Biodiversity Prospecting, World Resources Institute, Washington, D.
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