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The proposed algorithm of optimization of crops water consumption bioclimatic norms can be used in order to create an information system of irrigation management.
Analysis of the contribution (%) of 19 bioclimatic and 1 topographic variables (a) to the environmental suitability model of 5 avocado pests in Mexico.
Some of the best information for assessing any eucalypt species climatic requirements comes initially from bioclimatic analysis of its natural distribution using a species distribution modelling package (see, for example, Booth 1985).
Notably, these findings are consistent with previous reports on gazelle as well as other ungulate such as oryx and eland inhabiting the same bioclimatic conditions (Williams et al.
The measure of growing degree-days (GDD), calculated using the mean daily surface air temperature (TA) threshold of 5[degrees]C, is frequently used in bioclimatic studies, including those of high-altitude black spruce (Sirois et al.
As Editors of the present volume, we hope that this collection of papers will inspire other scientists in their research to understand and divert us from the consequences of the current and future bioclimatic changes produced by human activities.
2006) report that the estimated bioclimatic envelope of Maratus generally follows a Bassian distribution, and species have been recorded from the east, south-east and south-west of the continent.
The company launched Cemex Green Building Services to support clients in the execution of LEED- or BREEAM-certified projects with an integrated offer that includes bioclimatic architecture and energy-efficient engineering.
Bioclimatic envelopes, or climate matches, can provide both an estimate of range suitability for the biofuel crop species outside cultivation and the agronomic potential of the biofuel crop in the target region (Barney and DiTomaso 2011).