biochemical profile

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test pro·file

a combination of laboratory tests usually performed by automated methods and designed to evaluate organ systems of patients on admission to a hospital or clinic.
Synonym(s): biochemical profile

bi·o·chem·i·cal pro·file

(bī'ō-kem'i-kăl prō'fīl)
A combination of biochemical tests usually performed with automated instrumentation.


a simple outline, as of the side view of the body or head; by extension, a graph representing quantitatively a set of characteristics determined by tests. In animals the same purpose may be served by photographing it against a grid background. Profiles are used to determine an animal's conformational similarity to a standard set by a breed society and, especially in ruminants, as an aid to the diagnosis of diseases of the abdomen.

biochemical profile
a panel of tests, usually selected for their ability in the particular species to evaluate the functional capacity of several critical organ systems and general health. The 'profile' may literally be the results plotted on individual, parallel numerical scales, producing a pattern similar to a bar graph.
cost-benefit profile
a written or graphic description of the costs and production returns of an animal enterprise, set out according to a set of standard indices and parameters so that inter-herd comparisons are facilitated. A standard feature in modern animal health and production programs.
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All other tissues showed a high degree of consistency in the biochemical profiles between replicates (Table 1).
Figure 1 shows that both the distribution and magnitude of TAT components vary among the analytes, generally increasing as we move from CBC to the biochemical profile to thyrotropin.
This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements regarding Paradigm's ability to develop novel technologies to speed the discovery of products for the advancement of human health, agriculture and nutrition, the value of its metabolomics technology for the drug discovery and development process and its ability to integrate biochemical profiles with other genomics analyses.
A complete blood count, biochemical profile (including serum electrolytes), urine analysis, electrocardiogram, and arterial blood pressure were repeated six months into the research project, and after 12 months of study.
Results of subsequent CBC and plasma biochemical profiles revealed intermittent leukopenia, persistent hypercholesterolemia, and persistently decreased lactate dehydrogenase concentrations (Table 1).
In this study we report our experience with 108 patients with confirmed diagnosis of TPE and discuss the clinical features, radiological findings, biochemical, cytological and microbiological analysis of pleural fluid, hematological and biochemical profiles of serum and positivity rates of microbiological procedure and blind pleural biopsy in these patients.
Biochemical profiles of tiny amounts of tooth enamel taken from these trophy heads were compared with corresponding data for 13 intact Nascaskeletons already excavated from any of three Nasca cemeteries.
Under terms of the agreement, Paradigm will use its proprietary metabolomics technology platform, MetaVantage, to elucidate the biochemical profiles of adult stem cells supplied by StemCo, and will use the generated biochemical profiles to identify all of the small molecules present in the cells.
Commercial systems, such as analytical profile index (API) Rapid ID 32 Strep and Coryne kits (bioMerieux, Marcy l'Etoile, France), used in differentiation of novel bacteria provide biochemical profiles useful for identification of V.
Interpretation & conclusion: The MicroSeq DNA sequencing is an excellent tool for species identification of mycobacteria, which reduces the turn around time, makes repeat analysis easy as compared to phenotypic identification specially for mycobacterial isolates with ambiguous biochemical profiles.
When the team analyzed various metabolites, such as triglycerides, in the birds' blood, the biochemical profiles didn't fit those of animals digesting food after plentiful meals.