biochemical individuality

biochemical individuality,

n the con-cept that the nutritional and chemical make-up of each person is unique and that dietary needs therefore vary from person to person.
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By focusing on biochemical individuality, Korn shows us how to bring together cultural, biological, environmental, and familial heritage to optimize each client's unique nutritional requirements.
Key words: Metabolic correction, Chronic disease, Genetotrophic disease, Biochemical individuality, Nutrient insufficiency, Functional medicine, Orthomolecular medicine
Biochemical Individuality, John Wiley & Sons, 1956.
One of the major determinants of biochemical individuality is a family of enzymes known as the cytochrome P450 enzymes.
The principle of biochemical individuality tells us that we are as different biochemically as we are psychologically.
The risk for disease due to insufficient or excessive salt intake varies because of biochemical individuality.
al) The concept of biochemical individuality, so well delineated by Dr.
Williams, the discoverer of pantothenic acid, biotin, and the co-discoverer of folic acid, the effect of losses is based on a person's "unique biochemical individuality.
He authored over 50 refereed publications on enzymes, toxic agents, fluoridation, and alcohol and biochemical individuality.
They recognize the phenomenon of genetics without question and long before the gene was recognized as an integral part of heredity, those who dealt with trained animals understood the power of biochemical individuality.
What's more, such generalizations do not work for some segments of the population, a concept called biochemical individuality introduced by scientist Dr.

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