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1. a period of uncontrolled or excessive self-indulgent activity, particularly of eating or drinking.
2. to engage in such activity; see also binge eating.
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Psychiatry noun A period of consumption of a very large quantity of food during a short amount of time, with lack of control over eating, a component of bulimia nervosa, which consists of an episode of hyperpolyphagia, in which up to 15,000 calories may be consumed in 1 hour; binges are often followed by self-induced emesis or ‘purging’
Complications Gastric rupture—Mallory-Weiss syndrome—vascular compression, pancreatitis, aspiration pneumonia, ipecac-induced myocarditis, heart failure, re-feeding edema, hypokalemia, hypochloremia, metabolic alkalosis
Substance abuse

noun (1) A session of cocaine snorting repeated as often as every 10 minutes over a period from 12 hours to a week
(2) Binge drinking
verb A regional term, to inject a drug
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Psychiatry A period of consumption of a very large quantity of food during a short period, with lack of control over eating; binges are often followed by self-induced emesis or 'purging' Complications Gastric rupture-Mallory-Weiss syndrome, vascular compression, pancreatitis, aspiration pneumonia, ipecac-induced myocarditis, heart failure, refeeding edema, hypokalemia, hypochloremia, metabolic alkalosis. See Bulimia nervosa.
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To consume large amounts of food uncontrollably within a short time period.
Mentioned in: Bulimia Nervosa
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Patient discussion about binge

Q. BINGE DRINKING can binge drinking cause death?

A. Yes. Excessive immediate alcohol consumption (i.e. drinking a lot of alcohol during a short time) can lead to a coma and death. Moreover, even smaller amounts may cause death indirectly through risk taking (i.e. RECKLESS) behavior such as driving while drinking, fights etc.

Q. i tend to binge on food and i love nuts!does it pose any health danger if you eat too much of it? i just love spanish peanut and a mixture of cashew,almond & macademia.i eat a lot of it everyday.

A. Binge eating is not very healthy, because you tend to eat a lot of everything without even realizing it, and usually it is not all healthy food. About nuts, peanuts, etc. these contain very high amount of fat, and therefore a 100 grams of nuts is equal to 100 grams of oil! They have about 750 calories per 100 grams in them. No doubt they are healthy and the fat in them is saturated (rich in "good" cholesterol), however eating a lot of it will make you gain weight! You should eat about 6-7 nuts a day and that would be enough, because I assume you consume fat in other ways too (oil in cooking, etc.).

Q. I think I am a Bipolar.Help me to diagnose my bipolar disorder. Hi, I am Andrew 14. I think I am a Bipolar, I have really bad phases of depression inc. Self harm bulimia and suicidal thoughts as well as phases of hyper activity and huge screaming rows . Can anybody help me to diagnose my bipolar disorder?

A. Thank you for sharing Andrew,
A self diagnosis will not be of any help to you. If you believe you may be suffering with bipolar disorder it is time to make an appointment to see your doctor and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist will be able to properly diagnose you and get the proper treatements started. I would look into councelling as well. It helps to combine the medications with theropy, both individual and treatement. I wish you all the best.

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Instead of one episode per week, Netflix members choose to binge watch their way through a series - that is, on average, finishing an entire season in one week.
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"It's very complex because the tendency to binge is a behaviour influenced by many different genetic and environmental factors."
Around 10% of adults and teenagers binge eat characterised by excessively overeating with a feeling of losing control over what they are consuming.
* "To qualify as 'regular binge eating,' the instances must take place at least once per week for three months." Check!
Binge eaters understand the consequences of their behavior, but they can't stop.