binding site

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binding site

(1) Antigen-binding site, see there.
(2) A nonspecific term for any site at which two or more molecules join as a part of a reaction.
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binding site

an area of an ENZYME to which other molecules can attach. Such an area can be an ACTIVE SITE for particular substrates or for other molecules, as in COMPETITIVE INHIBITION. Alternatively, some enzymes possess two binding sites, one for substrate attachment, the other for attachment of other molecules as in noncompetitive inhibition and allosteric inhibition (see ALLOSTERIC INHIBITORS).
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A. There are a number of ideas and resources for social and recreational activities (i.e. wheelchair sports, dancing, travel, aviation, etc.) that may be helpful, which can be found at

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Like promoters, they are short (50-1,000) base pair elements, and within this element will carry binding sites (often, as repeated copies) for proteins which can influence transcription rates at nearby genes.
Binding site #2###THR507, SER513, PRO519, ILE520, LEU522, SER523, ARG529, VAL530, PRO531, ASP532,
The designed tracer binding sites in the sequence of the protein had no effects on the basic structure and molecular functions (Figure 2).
A variety of methods have been developed for computational explanation of cooperative interactions of a ligand with set of binding sites [18].
Step 3 (scan the grid space to assess which grid points fit the geometrical center of the binding site).
Wilson, "Structure of the complex of a yeast glucoamylase with acarbose reveals the presence of a raw starch binding site on the catalytic domain," FEBS Journal, vol.
To determine the interaction of Sp1 with the putative binding site, we performed EMSA.
However, when albumin structure was impaired, spin labels that were albumin bound at their binding sites had been released free and, therefore, could be detected and recorded on the spectrum.
Results of sequence analysis also revealed the presence of a putative Sp1/KLF-binding site around 200 bp region upstream of the transcription start site (data not shown), suggesting that, like the human Nanog, this site might act as a binding site for members of the KLF family, such as KLF4 and Sp3 (Wu and Yao, 2006; Chan et al., 2009).
Binding Site focuses on research, development, manufacture and distribution of innovative immunodiagnostic systems and assays for the global laboratory market.
Ni and Ki are number of binding sites, and binding constant of the i class of binding site, CL,0 and CP,0 are the original concentration of zinc ion and HSA .
For the analysis of the ZE2 binding site on E2 protein, the ELISA plates were coated with 0.3 nM at 4[degrees]C for 7 h.