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1. to wrap with a binder or bandage.
2. to form a weak, reversible chemical bond, such as antigen to antibody or hormone to receptor.


1. To confine or encircle with a band or bandage.
2. To join together with a band or ligature.
3. To combine or unite molecules by means of reactive groups, either in the molecules themselves or in a chemical added for that purpose; frequently used in relation to chemical bonds that may be fairly easily broken (that is, noncovalent), as in the binding of a toxin with antitoxin, or a heavy metal with a chelating agent.
4. A close interpersonal relationship in which one person feels compelled to act in a certain way to obtain the approval of another.
[A.S. bindan]

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Q. My friend has Progressive MS, he is bound to a wheelchair, Prognosis? How can I help? He must be moved by a Hoyer Lift, he has caregivers. He has a beautiful voice and does have enough ability to move in his chair around local community. He has some bad days with spacicity, I want to help but am unsure as to how? He is 60? or so and lives on his own, he has had MS for many years and a number of complications, such as pneumonia and decubitus. Please help me to help him!

A. There are a number of ideas and resources for social and recreational activities (i.e. wheelchair sports, dancing, travel, aviation, etc.) that may be helpful, which can be found at

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BIND has the potential to receive additional milestone payments for the selected Accurin of up to USD86.0m in aggregate upon the achievement of additional specified development and regulatory events under the Pfizer collaboration agreement.
Unlike sensor systems in which receptors can bind to a variety of chemicals, this application requires one-on-one binding: for example, antibodies that grab specific proteins.
Since the oyster can actively and specifically bind a human pathogen, this knowledge has practical consequences because conventional depuration cannot eliminate noroviruses from oyster tissues.
The machine that actually binds the SteelBinding sets is a bit more expensive, at between $400 and $450, than maw other thermal binding systems.
Christopher Hogue, Blueprint develops, hosts, and maintains public biological databases and bioinformatics software tools such as BIND, SeqHound, and Distributed Folding.
Same old story: If you continue to crank, loose cable winds off the winch drum, gets tangled and binds. Again, you need to untangle the cable and crank clockwise to wind it back onto the drum.
The new ISC BIND Forum will benefit members by focusing on security related issues, including early warning on attacks, defects, and patches.
This amendment allows BIND to borrow an additional USD15m in growth capital, less the repayment of the outstanding balance on its existing term loan facility of approximately USD3m to accelerate its Accurin pipeline growth.
However, he points out that Kane and other researchers have also developed anti-anthrax-toxin agents that use polymers as a scaffolding for peptides that bind PA.
Predictably, small molecules that interfere with the ability of NS1 to bind dsRNA or prevent IFN[alpha]/[beta] production will also enhance the host innate immunity against influenza virus, resulting in faster viral clearance.
* (Jesus says to Peter), "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven" (Matt 16:19).
Christopher Hogue at Mount Sinai Hospital's Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Toronto, has secured CDN $29 million in government and public funding to enter 80,000 molecular interaction records into the Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND.CA).