binary process

bi·na·ry pro·cess

a random event with two exhaustive and mutually exclusive outcomes; a Bernoulli process.
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The turbo expander for the Berlin project will be installed in the bottoming cycle of a geothermal binary process working with iso-pentane.
Subjugation is a binary process of power that effects both the subject and the subjugator, and there is nothing new to invent such a phenomenon.
Bank lending decisions in Japan still seem to be a binary process, with firms either having access to credit at the same price as everyone else, or not receiving a loan.
More specifically, MPI asserts that the PK-induced z-score is proportional to (number of operator-initiated [runs).sup.1/2], but is independent of how many bits and trials there are (per run), and independent of the intrinsic variance of the random binary process. This is in contrast with ART (in which the z-score is predicted to be proportional to the intrinsic variance).
where [[[sigma].sup.2].sub.b] = pq is the intrinsic variance of a random binary process, and where the models have been scaled so that they agree on predicting the same effect size at p = q = 1/2.
Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Independent, they would, in my view, inevitably corrupt the binary process. The substitution of political for market lending criteria would be the core problem.
The most useless of these questions is, "Do you understand?" because comprehension is not a binary process. Understanding has many phases and levels, and a "yes" or "no" response does little to identify areas of possible confusion.
The binary processes the output of the layout analysis component, extracts the lines of text from the image as indicated by the XML file, and creates image files which it sends as input to the actual Tesseract binary.