binary combination

bi·na·ry com·bi·na·tion

the name of a species of bacteria consisting of two parts: a generic name and a specific epithet.
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In particular, in the course of finding the optimal binary combination showing the best accuracy, the experimental results and their analysis reveal the complementary characteristics of all the weighting schemes in the combinations.
In vitro exposure of Jurkat T-cells to industrially important organic solvents in binary combination: interaction analysis.
We focused our study on common southern species attracted to the binary combination of ethanol and (-)-[alpha]-pinene used in the national programs (Miller 2006; Miller & Rabaglia 2009).
In contrast, similar experiments using either an additive-free electrolyte, or an electrolyte containing the binary combination Cl-PEG, Cl-MPSA, or simply benzotriazole (BTAH), resulted in the formation of a continuous void within the center of the trench.
The binary combination of TEBA with N-oxy diethylene benzthiazyl sulfenamide(NOBS) and other accelerators exhibit mutual activity.
For the three different binary combinations, the results indicate that antimicrobial efficacy could be enhanced.
First, the results of HySFRC mixes containing binary combinations of steel fibres are discussed and the results of HySFRC mixes containing ternary combinations of steel fibres are presented later.
Here we show antiproliferative efficacy of the most-active GE biophenolics as single-agents and in binary combinations, and investigate the nature of their interactions using the Chou-Talalay combination index (CI) method.
Minor factor in this experiment, the names Tuesday herbicide Atrazine (80%) of a kilogram per hectare, Bntazvn (48%) of 0/75 kg ha Pndymtalyn and advice (33%) of 1/5 kg ha and binary combinations of these herbicides.
eatery of halves, sky/water, binary combinations. The wave that remains
METHODS: We measured activation of AhR-dependent gene expression in HlGl.lc3 cells after application of binary combinations of AhR ligands.
Sierra formulates eight acts, allowing for all of the binary combinations possible with the types of people he employs: copulation between a white man and a black man, between a black man and a white woman, between a white man and a black woman, and so on.