bimolecular reaction

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bimolecular reaction (E, SN2)2

a reaction in which more than one molecule is involved in the slow step. An enzyme-catalyzed reaction usually consists of a series of bimolecular reactions. It may follow second-order, or more complicated, chemical kinetics.
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In agreement with the proposed Scheme 3 and results of kinetic studies (10, 11), both reacting molecules determine the rate of sulfonation, and this electrophilic substitution can be considered a bimolecular reaction of the second order ([S.
ij]] = Termination rate constant for bimolecular reaction of radicals of type i and j.
The selections that make up the main body of the text are devoted to attosecond time-resolved spectroscopy, interfacial charge transfer states in condensed phase systems, recent advances in quantum dynamics of bimolecular reactions, and a great many other related topics.
This propagation continues until the radicals are destroyed by their mutual bimolecular reactions to give stable products or intercepted by antioxidants (Termination).
The low molar masses were attributed to bimolecular reactions inside the particles between a growing radical chain and an entering oligomeric radical into monomer-depleted reacting particles.