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Involving two molecules, as in a bimolecular reaction.
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Ahora bien, teniendo en cuenta el papel que juegan los sitios acidos y basicos planteados por varios autores Knozinger & Scheglila (1970b), el mecanismo de coordinacion en estas reacciones de deshidratacion del aceite fusel, siguen un proceso de eliminacion bimolecular o tipo E2, lo que implica un debilitamiento del enlace CO en el sitio acido para lograr la eliminacion concertada del OH y extraccion del atomo de P-hidrogeno en un sitio basico.
bimolecular recognition, protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions vectors, gene therapy; drug targeting, drug design; molecular basis of genetic diseases; conformational studies, computer simulation, novel DNA structures and their biological implications, protein folding; enzymes structure, catalytic mechanisms, regulation; membrane biochemistry, antigen-antibody binding, neurochemistry, ageing, apoptosis, cell cycle control; hormones; ontogenesis, host-virus interactions, viral assembly and structure; intermediary metabolism, molecular basis of disease processes, vitamins, coenzymes, carrier proteins, toxicology; plant and microbial biochemistry; electrical phenomena in biological systems and so on(3).
Li L, Chung KS, Jang J (2012) Carrier concentration dependent bimolecular recombination coefficient model in two dimensional hopping system.
A biflavonoid with a bimolecular kaempferol structure possessing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties has been reported from shells of Camellia oleifera (Ye et al.
Among the topics are conformation-dependent antibodies as tools for characterizing amyloid protein aggregates, studying the molecular determinants of protein oligomerization in neurodegenerative disorders by bimolecular fluorence complimentation, possible function and toxicity of multiple oligomeric/conformational states of the globular protein human stefin B, structure-function studies of amyloid pores in Alzheimer's Disease as a case example of neurodegenerative diseases, and studying the structure and cytotoxicity of equine lysozyme complexes with oleic acid (ELOA) using bio-imaging techniques.
This reaction gave 5 in very good yield and no trace of any macrocyclic bischalcone 7 (a possible product through bimolecular cyclization of the intermediate 6) Scheme 3).
It is also observed that the photocurrent curves during illumination and decay are not symmetric, indicating that the resulting recombination mechanism is bimolecular.
Neumark and colleagues have applied anion photodetachment techniques for the study of bimolecular reaction of the type X + HY [right arrow] XH + Y, where X and Y are halogen atoms [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8].
Photo-induced bimolecular electron transfer processes of fullerenes (C60/C70) with fluorene derivatives, namely 9,9- bis(4-amino-3-methylphenyl)fluorene, 9,9-bis(4-amino-3- fluorophenyl)fluorene and 9,9-bis(3-amino-4- hydroxyphenyl)fluorene had been comparatively studied in benzonitrile by nanosecond laser photolysis technique in the visible/near-infrared regions.
2] School of Chemical & Bimolecular Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Relative Gibbs energies in solution through continuum models: effect of the loss of translational degrees of freedom in bimolecular reactions on Gibbs energy barriers.
However, it is very difficult to study bimolecular reaction dynamics in liquids due to the billions of collisions occurring per second in liquids.