bimanual percussion

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bi·man·u·al per·cus·sion

percussion in which the finger of one hand taps the other hand; a form of mediate percussion.
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bi·man·u·al per·cus·sion

(bī-manyū-ăl pĕr-kŭshŭn)
Percussion in which the finger of one hand taps the other hand; a form of mediate percussion
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(per-kush'un) [L. percussio, a striking]
1. Striking the body surface (usually with the fingers or a small hammer) to determine the position, size, or density of underlying structures.
2. A technique for mobilizing secretions from the lungs by striking the chest wall with cupped hands.
3. Any of the techniques of body massage in which the hands are used to strike the body and are drawn back after contact in order to control the impact. These techniques include beating with a loosely closed fist, clapping with the palm of the hand, cupping with a cupped hand, hacking with the ulnar border of the hand, and tapping with the knuckles or tips or flats of the fingers. Synonym: 1 tappingtapotement

auscultatory percussion

Percussion combined with auscultation.

bimanual percussion

Mediate percussion.

deep percussion

Forceful percussion used to elicit a note from a deeply seated tissue or organ.

direct percussion

Immediate percussion.

finger percussion

Striking of the examiner's finger as it rests upon the patient's body with a finger of the examiner's other hand.

immediate percussion

Percussion performed by striking the surface directly with the fingers. Synonym: direct percussion

indirect percussion

Mediate percussion.

mediate percussion

Percussion performed by using the fingers of one hand as a plexor and those of the opposite hand as a pleximeter. Synonym: bimanual percussion; indirect percussion

palpation percussion

Percussion in which the examiner uses his or her fingers to feel vibrations that are produced within the body, instead of listening for the sounds produced by striking the body.

threshold percussion

Percussing lightly with the fingers on a glass-rod pleximeter, the far end of which is covered with a rubber cap. The cap is usually placed on an intercostal space. This technique is used to confine the percussion to a very small area.
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