Surgical excision of two lobes of the right lung, either right upper and middle or right lower and middle.
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He was the first surgeon on Long Island to perform robotic-assisted bilobectomy lung surgery and robotic-assisted surgical removal of the thymus gland.
Pneumonectomy was performed in 25 patients, lobectomy in 240, segmentectomy in 29, bilobectomy in 7, and wedge excision in 78.
Lobectomy was the most commonly performed lung resection technique, involving 96 patients, of whom 7 underwent bilobectomy and 1 sleeve lobectomy.
For the type of operative procedure, it is important to document the type/extent of resection (wedge, segmentectomy, lobectomy, bilobectomy, pneumonectomy, other) and for en bloc specimens, any attached anatomic structures received (eg, portion of rib, pericardium).