billing entity

bill·ing en·ti·ty

(biling enti-tē)
Company or health care provider that bills individual customers or subscribers.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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To transition successfully to ICD-10, the coder and radiologist will need to work in tandem to meet dictation requirements, while the billing entity updates and tests all computer systems to accommodate claim submissions with ICD-10.
Look for the billing entity's legal duty to credential the individual who reads and reports the studies.
(13) A provider may engage the services of an outside billing entity under a validly drawn consent.
As to the shared services, however, the billing entity would have to certify that over a reasonable period of time it would provide the shared services on an equal basis to all its schools and libraries; and SLC would collect data in the billing entity's annual funding requests to measure its progress in doing so.
The corporation serves primarily as a passive billing entity and depends heavily on contractual arrangements for the actual delivery of service.