billing entity

bill·ing en·ti·ty

(biling enti-tē)
Company or health care provider that bills individual customers or subscribers.
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Scheduling and service center and billing entity for the transport services with special vehicles for people with exceptional mobility problems of the city Frankfurt am Main.
To transition successfully to ICD-10, the coder and radiologist will need to work in tandem to meet dictation requirements, while the billing entity updates and tests all computer systems to accommodate claim submissions with ICD-10.
13) A provider may engage the services of an outside billing entity under a validly drawn consent.
As to the shared services, however, the billing entity would have to certify that over a reasonable period of time it would provide the shared services on an equal basis to all its schools and libraries; and SLC would collect data in the billing entity's annual funding requests to measure its progress in doing so.
The corporation serves primarily as a passive billing entity and depends heavily on contractual arrangements for the actual delivery of service.
This secure, web-based solution is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant and custom branded for each billing entity.
The activities carried out by central billing entity for clearing and settlement of differences further activity done for settlement entity.
David Byrd, vice president of business development at A-Life, added: "During the four years that we have been working with Associated Billing Services, we have delivered results that have helped the company become a more efficient and productive billing entity.
2014 (24: full supply of electricity without, scheduling commitments for the period 00), the purchase agreement under (to the transmission line supply contractor will be purchased by contract basis in the contract electricity), which includes charges for system use the full range of accounts - that these charges Network Licensees and pay for the same price, without any extra charge on billing entity - as well.
The results of the billing entity do not include the previously announced $2.
Protector 98 is a real-time fraud monitoring solution which tracks usage by destination (Domestic, International, High-Fraud Countries & NPAs, and Dollar Usage) and by billing entity (ANI, Authcode, Calling Card, Toll Free Number, and Customer).