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Denotes those procedures or therapies for which the health care professional or facility may expect compensation from the party legally responsible.
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Nowhere was the contrast in values more visible than in the differences between the tentative market values of Class I and its tentative billable assessments.
17 percent of firms indicated stable to significantly higher fourth-quarter billable hours, a slight dip from the fourth quarter of 2013 (81.
Insiders and outsiders alike have speculated on the short and long-term effects of these increases in billable hours expectations.
Of the 194 multi-partner firms in the survey, 66 firms generated 1,600 or more billable hours from their staff, 42 firms generated 1,650 or more hours and 27 firms generated 1,700 or more.
If it is provided at a freestanding facility, it is included in the SNF's PPS per diem, and therefore it is not separately billable by the provider of the radiation.
The labor theory of value, like the billable hour, is an idea from the day before yesterday.
With your borough, block and lot handy, taxpayers may research their final assessed and billable valuations through the Internet at NYC Property through the City's web site at www.
5 percent of respondents reported stable to improved billable hours, a decline from the third quarter of 2012 (71.
The survey found a rise in billable hours, and a slight dip in inquiries for new work.
Recently, the Congress required CMS to explore the creation of a bundled payment for all ESRD services, including separately billable drugs.
TimeAgent's unique time-capture functionality automatically switches its internal timers on and off as professionals move between documents and applications-assuring that all potential billable time is captured and recorded, even time spent composing short e-mails or evaluating Web-based information.
5 percent cap, as was used last year, would not help reduce the tax rate enough for the homeowners, which would go up about 20 cents per $1,000 of billable value.