bilious vomiting

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bilious vomiting

the vomiting of bile. Also called cholemesis.


forcible ejection of contents of stomach through the mouth. Called also emesis.

bilious vomiting
the vomit contains bile which has been regurgitated from the duodenum.
vomiting budgerigar syndrome
see neurotic regurgitation.
cyclic vomiting
recurring attacks of vomiting.
dry vomiting
attempts at vomiting, with the ejection of nothing but gas.
projectile vomiting
vomiting with the material ejected with great force; seen commonly in congenital pyloric obstruction. See also projectile vomiting.
stercoraceous vomiting
vomiting of fecal matter.
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If everything comes back as normal, it is likely to be bilious vomiting syndrome.
The baby was noted to have abdominal distension and episodes of bilious vomiting due to a rare congenital disorder of pancreas known as "Annular Pancreas" in conjunction with another congenital anomaly known as "Duodenal Diaphragm".
Bilious vomiting may mean different things to the public and medical professionals (bile is green; however, yellow vomiting is often reported by the public as 'bilious')