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The mass-forming subtype of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma typically presents with homogeneous attenuation mass with irregular but well-defined margins, irregular peripheral enhancement with gradual centripetal enhancement (Figure 7), associated capsular retraction and biliary duct dilatation at the tumor periphery.
The CT scan confirmed the presence of hepatic abscesses (figure 2) and biliary ducts enlargement, with a slowly favorable evolution progressive decrease in size and number upon successive examinations.
described in 1987 five patients with similar findings: a) renal cystic dysplasia with abnormally differentiated ducts, deficient nephron differentiation and glomerular cysts, b) hepatic abnormality consisting of enlarged portal areas containing numerous elongated biliary ducts, with a tendency to perilobular fibrosis, and c) pancreatic abnormality consisting offibrosis and cysts, with a diminution of parenchymal tissue (3).
Biliary duct injuries occurred in as many as 1%-2% of laparoscopic cholecystectomies in early series of cases from the 1990s, said Dr.
PTC is used to visualize the biliary ducts directly.
A catheter is then slipped into the cystic duct and a radiopaque contrast solution--which shows up clearly as a light area on the X-ray--is injected into the biliary duct system.
In addition, the obstructive jaundice of IAC may disappear after glucocorticoid treatment, while biliary duct malignancies do not respond to steroids.
All the specimens were studied by careful gross and fine dissection to observe the origin of cystic artery and its relation to the biliary ducts.
5) An APBDJ is characterised by a long common channel, which is a congenital abnormality defined as a high union of the pancreatic and biliary ducts outside the duodenal wall.
Because of their rarity, the molecular pathways involved in the development of biliary duct NETs have not been well studied.
The company has attained FDA 510(k) market clearance for non-vascular stent use in the biliary duct and esophagus.
09%) including 6 cases of common BDI, 2 cases of common hepatic duct injury, 1 case of right hepatic duct injury, 1 case of accessory right hepatic duct, 1 case of aberrant BDI 1 case of biliary stricture, 1 case of biliary duct perforation, 3 cases of hemobilia, and 4 cases of bile leakage.