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An early name for Schistosoma.
[T. Bilharz]
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A parasitic tropical disease caused by one of the blood flukes of the Schistosoma genus. A synonym for SCHISTOSOMIASIS. (Theodor Maximilian Bilharz, 1825–1862, German physician and anatomist).
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a human disease common in Egypt and other warm parts of the developing world, in which affected individuals suffer from body pains followed by severe dysentery and anaemia, leaving them weak and highly susceptible to other diseases. The disease is caused by the MIRACIDIUM larva of the blood fluke Schistosoma, which lives as an adult in the abdominal veins and has a water snail as a secondary host, transmission being effected via urine.
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T.M., German parasitologist, 1825-1862.
Bilharzia - schistosomiasis; tumorlike swelling of the skin due to infection by Schistosoma organism. Synonym(s): Schistosoma
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'Bilharzia haematuria', and 'Sickle cell renal infarctive haematuria' can occur together.
"Using data provided by the centre in Egypt, we hope to identify what the link between treatment for bilharzia and the development of cancer is", he said.
Spear fishing was a skill he mastered growing up near the lakes in Kenya - even if the pastime led to him contracting the deadly, parasite-borne bilharzia disease.
He has previously worked on the splicing of influenza virus, vaccination against the parasite responsible for Bilharzia, and the construction of the pGEX expression vectors.
No need to worry, Lake Bunyonyi is one of the few lakes in sub-Saharan Africa that is free of hippos, crocodiles, and most importantly the bilharzia parasite.
However, authorities strongly advise against bathing in it as snails that live in this water cause bilharzia disease.
But his incredible approach his work came at a huge price, as Greg was diagnosed with horrific tropical diseases bilharzia, malaria and several parasites, which he soaked up through the dirty water.
Egyptian children, living in mud huts, went blind with bilharzia and died of dirt, disease and poverty.
I know we are all meant to be at work but you can always come up with an aged aunt to bury or a nasty bout of beri-beri or bilharzia.
Septicaemia in Vietnam, round-worm in Thailand, malaria, bilharzia and ringworm in Tanzania, kidney stones in Ecuador and Tanzania, leishmaniasis in Peru, bot-fly in Costa Rica.