bile esculin test

bile es·cu·lin test

a biochemical test used in characterizing group O streptococci, based on the ability of organisms to grow in a medium containing bile and to hydrolyze esculin.
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Yellow 6 Gram's staining Gram-negative Gram-positive rods cocci 7 IMViC - + - + - 8 Bile Esculin test - + 9 Catalase test + - 10 Coagulase Test - - 11 Urease test - - 12 TSI Acid- slant/butt, Acid-slant/butt, No gas, No Gas, No [H.
In 1982 Facklam and colleagues proposed the PYR (pyrrolidonyl arylamidase) test be used in conjunction with the CAMP (Group B streptococci diffusible protein) and bile esculin tests to presumptively identify the streptococci.