bilateral coordination

bi·lat·er·al co·or·din·a·tion

(bī-lat'ĕr-ăl kō-ōr'di-nā'shŭn)
The synchronization of movement of the sides of the body.
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The Prime Minister underlined the kingdom's keenness to enhance bilateral cooperation further and broaden bilateral coordination to better serve common interests at all levels.
Both sides agreed on the importance of continued intensive bilateral coordination and consultations at the current critical juncture in the region's history and in light of the pressing and constantly changing conditions in the region so as to shore up the unity of the Arab and Islamic nations in face of the numerous challenges besetting them, the spokesman noted.
The Iranian Foreign Minister expressed his country's keenness to enhance cooperation and bilateral coordination, reiterating Iran's support to Iraq at various levels.
The talks dealt with the distinguished relations between the two brotherly countries, means of developing them in various fields of cooperation and bilateral coordination in the interest of the two countries.
Both ministers also discussed a number of issues pertinent to bilateral coordination and ways of addressing various regional challenges, the latest regional and international developments and issues of mutual interest.
They agreed that the visit would help deepen bilateral coordination and cooperation.
For Nibigira, he praised the political and economic cooperation between the two countries, expressing his country keenness on bolstering bilateral coordination.
He stressed "the need for bilateral coordination between Iraq and the European Union to reduce tensions in the region and support Iraq in its quest for reconstruction and stability."
During the talks, emphasis was put on maintaining bilateral coordination and consultation on the latest developments concerning the Palestinian issue.
Khemaies Jhinaoui also affirmed the common will of the two countries to reinforce the consultation and the bilateral coordination and to take advantage of the opportunities offered to reinforce the relations of bilateral cooperation in particular with regard to boosting investments and the evolution of the bilateral exchanges.
They also discussed the importance of continuing to strengthen bilateral coordination between the two sides in the upcoming phase.

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