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Patients were eligible if: (1) they had severe unilateral or bilateral carotid artery stenosis (generally carotid artery diameter reduction at least 60%, although there was no fixed minimum percentage); (2) this stenosis had not caused stroke, transient cerebral ischaemia, or any other relevant neurological symptoms in the past 6 months; (3) no circumstance or condition precluded long-term follow-up; and (4) doctor and patient were both substantially uncertain whether to choose immediate CEA or deferral of any CEA.
1, 2) Bilateral carotid artery dissection is an even more infrequent injury with a high mortality.
We present here a case report of a young patient with bilateral carotid artery dissection following blunt trauma that was managed with conservative therapy with aspirin with a positive outcome.
There are few reported cases of asymptomatic bilateral carotid artery dissections in patients with contraindications to systemic anticoagulation.
Car accidents including backlash cases from rear ending have resulted in bilateral carotid artery dissections.
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