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see sulky.

Patient discussion about bike

Q. is biking good for as jogging? what do you gain from it any way? health speaking ...

A. As far as it regards the heart, the main aim is to reach your target heart rate (pulse), while the way to achieve it is less important - jogging, biking, etc.

Biking has benefit (not including jumping like running) but also has its drawbacks (issues concerning testicles in long rides). It'd be best, before you start any exercise program to consult your doctor - he knows your body and its diseases better than us, and therefore will give you more suitable answers.

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The Firefly Brigade was one of the earliest biking advocate groups and last year had its 16th annual Tour of the Fireflies that takes its members around Metro Manila to encourage more people to use bikes.
Following the theft, the Betws y Coed biking fraternity came out to help search for the bikes.
On that ideal bike riding day, our survey found that fewer than 1 out of 1,000 workers are biking to the office.
With confirmed exhibitors including Harley Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki, Yamaha/Al Yousuf, Buell, Aprilia, Confederate, Nomad, Custom Bikes, Pirelli/Al Hawai, Victory/Polaris, Scorpion Customs, KTM, Zeel Designs, Suzuki, Revolution, Al Badayer, Motor Barn, HZ Googles, Spider, Velocity, Two Brothers Racing USA, Red Art Inc, One Industries, Hinson Clutch Components, Acerbis, ITP Race Gear, Pro Armor Racing, Maier USA, Schampa Technical Wear, Draggin Jeans, R&G Racing Products, California School Bike School and many more, Gulf Bike Expo 2009 will set the pace for the growing biking and motoring industry with over 20,000 visitors expected to attend this three-day event.
Biking Illinois: 60 Great Road Trips And Trail Rides by biking enthusiast David Johnsen is an outstanding collection of "bicycle friendly" statewide biking trails accompanied with maps and photography for a greater understanding of Illinois' road trips and trail rides.
Our superb guides for the day Colin and Angela, explain mountain biking basics: how to drop into a lower gear before starting a climb, how to keep control of the bike on the downhills by using both brakes, the importance of maintaining a "9-and 3-o'clock" pedal position while coasting, and the challenges presented by various surfaces and obstacles.
THE TRIATHLON consists of three legs (swimming, biking, and running) ranging in distances from the ultimate "Iron Man" to the "Mini-Triathlon.
Multi-sport training that includes swimming, biking, and running requires a more balanced musculature, as well as total fitness for performance in all three sports.
But snowboarding and mountain biking came along at the right moment, the height of the fitness boom and the desire to stretch physical limits.
Massachusetts also appears to be waking up to the possibilities of biking.
Hop onto one of BikeE's recumbent bikes, and you're in for a whole new experience in biking.