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Patient discussion about bike

Q. is biking good for as jogging? what do you gain from it any way? health speaking ...

A. As far as it regards the heart, the main aim is to reach your target heart rate (pulse), while the way to achieve it is less important - jogging, biking, etc.

Biking has benefit (not including jumping like running) but also has its drawbacks (issues concerning testicles in long rides). It'd be best, before you start any exercise program to consult your doctor - he knows your body and its diseases better than us, and therefore will give you more suitable answers.

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Upon arriving at Extreme Arizona, home of world-famous, award-winning cyclist Steve Hatch and his Motorcycle Adventures dirt bike school and custom-designed off-road tours, we suited up.
Despite our success in getting voluntary compliance with providing bike parking, the city insisted on mandating this requirement for all existing buildings.
In the early 1980s, he was part of the early mountain biking community, a ragtag collection of youths riding road bikes retrofitted with fat tires and other embellishments to suit the steep dirt trails of Mount Tamalpais in California's Mann County.
Then the committee asked Clint Hampton, a juvenile service specialist at the Pitchford Boys Ranch, for help in getting the bikes into shape.
Realizing the benefits of obtaining as much information as possible on the bike patrol concept, the NYCHPD chief sent two officers to a "Police on Bikes" conference.
New riders who are still uncertain about the type of riding they'll do most and who want to do a bit of both are well suited to the cross bike, as are city cyclists who want a bike tough enough for potholes but one that doesn't weigh a lot.
Deep sand is nearly impossible to negotiate on a bike, as are swamps, bogs, and wet meadows.
On Bike Share bikes employ chainless technology from Dynamic Bicycles, and key locking innovation from Morse Watchmans to significantly reduce maintenance and safety issues," said Boyce.
Both Mayor Schaaf and Mayor Liccardo hold seats on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) - the presenting sponsor of Bike to Work Day - and are in a position to serve as role models for the entire region.
The main disadvantage is the weight of these bikes, which is usually far greater than other bike styles.