bigu (bēˑ·gōō),

n a type of Qi gong practice in which practitioners claim to survive without solid food for a significant length of time, sometimes months or even years. See also Qi gong.
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They do whatever they want," said Bigu Haider, an Uber driver in New York who is furious at Uber over fare cuts and other moves that have reduced his income.
Se recolectaron muestras de herbario, su determinacion se realizo en el herbario BIGU de la Escuela de Biologia de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.
Metodologia de herbario: La determinacion botanica se realizo en el herbario BIGU de la Escuela Biologica de la Facultad de Ciencias Quimicas y Farmacia de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, donde se seco, preparo y herborizo los especimenes de cada especie.
From the bigU gest bores in rifles to the biggest bores in handguns and just about everything in-between, Gary delivers eye-catching, innovative designs and styles in enough variety to please anyone.
umbigo' SAR CV GB ST ANG PR (47) ANN bingo 'biku biku binku mbiku bigu cr
Quiero agradecer a los curadores y directores de los herbarios de A, BIGU, BM, BR, B-W, C, CAS, CGE, CR, EAP, F, G, G-DC, FH, FI-W, K, LAGU, M, MA, MEXU, MHES, MICH, MO, NY, P, P-HB, P-LA, S, SLINN, TEFH, TEX, U, UC, UPS, US, USCG, USF, UVAL, W, WAG, WIS, Z por proveer material en prestamo o por permitir el ingreso a sus colecciones.
Mr Jaime Bigu, of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and researchers from the Atomic Energy Authority of Egypt found three monuments containing potentially dangerous levels of radioactive gas.
Bigu Uraon of the Malti Panchayat has a similar complaint.
1 kg of,toilet paper, and perforated bilayer bigu 100% cellulose,wiper arms, at least two-layered, and bigu perforated composition 100% pulp, a width of 20-30cm ( (9)),higienicharski rubber gloves size l,stainless wire containers,waste bags, pvc, large from 90 to 120 liters, min.
Bigu Saw residing in staff colony of putki colliery under PB Area.