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At Shelter Afrique, we have identified social housing as a key priority that can complement the Big Four. We have made deliberate efforts to expand the supply of low-cost housing and increase access of housing to low-income populations in ways that complement various initiatives by state and non-state actors in the real estate sector across Africa.
Sources in the industry say that part of the reason for the friction between the global partnership of the Big Four firms and their local partners in Pakistan can come from standard operating procedures and policies set by the global firms that are not always easily application within the Pakistani context.
In total, there were 255 IPOs in 2018, with the Big Four auditing 61.2 percent of them.
The competition watchdog's other proposals include a split between audit and advisory businesses within big four firms, requiring separate management, accounts and remuneration.
A second thread will examine what the role of the Big Four firms means for resilience, the risk being that each of the Big Four auditors is "too big to fail", potentially threatening longterm competition.
The discovery comes amid calls for an investigation into whether the Big Four should be broken up following their involvement in a number of collapses.
According to the Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants (KICPA), Wednesday, the number of registered accountants in the big four accounting firms is 5,196.
In particular, panel members have been concerned about the dominance of the Big Four and the related question of whether they have grown so large that the failure of one could disrupt U.S.
Global Banking News-May 8, 2017--Australia's big four banks to be probed