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Tenders are invited for Protection Work Between Rd 000 Mtr To 750 0 Mtr I E Bifurcation Point From Nathpa Adit To Gvg For Strengthening The Road By Providing R R Masonry Wall With U Shaped Drain At Njhps Nathpa
Figures 6 and 7 show that the attractor gradually starts to shrink into the limit cycle which is an inverted bifurcation process, and the numerical results show that the bifurcation point satisfies the Feigenbaum constant.
The bifurcation point is a value of the parameter [lambda], say [[lambda].
The aberrant renal artery originating from the terminal aorta at the bifurcation point supplied the lower pole of the right kidney through the renal capsule [17].
k+1]) is greater than 90[degrees], then there must be a bifurcation point between the two iterates along the path, and the orientation (4.
We're at a bifurcation point in the outsourcing industry, and the future is cloudy," says Fersht.
New approach takes into account global processes that correlate with long-term non-linear development trends and determines moments of crisis and recessions in socio-economic processes, as well as bifurcation point when the system is radically changing its structure to a different path of development.
This technique combines the control of the harmonic content of the autonomous signal [3] with the careful selection of the HSOM operating regime, which will be established in the vicinity of a Hopf bifurcation point [57].
The Yamuna Bank Metro Station will thus, become an important interchange/ bifurcation point for passengers and keeping this in view, the platforms at this station have been specially designed and planned.
The PG&E open season proposes to interconnect with the Kern River/Mojave pipeline at a new interconnect to be named Arvin, located adjacent to the bifurcation point on the Kern River/Mojave pipeline near Arvin, CA.