tracheal bifurcation

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tracheal bifurcation

the division of the trachea into the right and left main bronchi; it occurs at the level of the fifth or sixth thoracic vertebral body and is marked internally by the presence of a carina or keellike ridge between the diverging bronchi.


1. a division into two branches.
2. the point at which division into two branches occurs.

tracheal bifurcation
termination of the trachea, where it divides into two principal bronchi.
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After passing the endoscope into trachea apical bronchus and bifurcation of trachea i.
Mulling and Budras (2003) reported that bifurcation of trachea was located approximately 10 cm distally from tracheal bronchus and naso-apical distance as 90-110 cm.
1318 In our study FFB was also in- serted till the bifurcation of trachea was seen which consequentially required all above mentioned ma- neuvers thus leading to increased TTI.