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Complete or partial duplication of the urethra, diphallus, bifid scrotum, duplication of the glans, congenital urethral valves, unilateral renal dysplasia, unilateral gonadal agenesis, duplication of the vagina, and various fistula formations between the urethra, vagina, and rectum are the most detected urogenital malformations associated with BD (1, 2, 4-7).
32) This explains the association of bifid scrotum with severe hypospadias, as hormonal factors are likely at play.
Other abnormalities associated with hypospadias such as retained testicles, bifid scrotum as in the present case, renal agenesis, bone or anorectal defects, umbilical hernia, hydroencephalus and urinary incontinence (McFarland and Deniz, 1961 and Hobson, 1983).
On physical examination, there was bifid scrotum with exposed penis (Fig.
Examination of genitalia revealed a well formed double penis, functioning urethra, bifid scrotum with each compartment containing a testicle.
Patients may present with almost complete female phenotype or ambiguous external genitalia, hypospadias, micropenis, bifid scrotum, single urogenital opening, or a combination of these defects.
04 bifid scrotum, micropenis 13 F Ambiguous 2 years 0.
The urogenital anomalies observed in infants of mothers exposed to cocaine were congenital hydronephrosis, the prune belly sequence, renal and ureteral agenesis, ambiguous genitalia, hypospadias with and without congenital chordee, and bifid scrotum.
Congenital scrotal anomalies are classified as penoscrotal transposition, bifid scrotum, ectopic scrotum, and accessory scrotum.
Severe hypospadias associated with micropenis, bifid scrotum and bilateral cryptorchidism are common.
We reviewed the literature for patients diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome before puberty with penoscrotal malformations; we searched PubMed using key words: Klinefelter syndrome, hypospadias, prepubertal age, chordee, bifid scrotum, and scrotal transposition (Table 1).
He initially presented with a penoscrotal hypospadias and bifid scrotum.