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n in herbalism, the property of tonic herbs that allows them to maintain balance by eliciting a response in opposite directions depending on the needs of the individual taking them. See also adaptogen and tonic herbs.
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Thus, bidirectionality occurs at two levels--at the level of the relationship between formalist and realist elements in internal Court decision making, and in terms of the importance of the realism surrounding the social, economic, and political world outside the Court.
Figure 5 shows a simplified example of the customer's (bride and groom's) perspective (3) of the service supply chain showing the customers as the hub of the system, the bidirectionality (two-way flow) of services and the boundaries of the systems.
The "reality" in their wake demonstrates how the bidirectionality of images and terrorism virtualized the experience of the human subject and of the real.
However, as communication bidirectionality increases, conflict between the sales manager and the marketing manager is decreases.
In other words this particular result could be in line with bidirectionality.
Also, the correlational nature of the research design emphasizes the need to consider the bidirectionality of the variables in the study.
1978; Papadopoulos, 1995; Wood, 1993), (b) the bidirectionality and complexity of relationships and behavior (Fisher & Weihs, 2000), and (c) the correlation between behaviors and environment and psychological conditions in family members from different generations (Minuchin et al.
We extend the analysis by estimating models of social interactions that account for environmental confounding factors and the bidirectionality of peer influence.
Prior research has indicated the bidirectionality of work and family antecedents and consequences (Frone et al.
Following these principles, and in keeping with a contextual perspective based on recent advances in verbal behavior: bidirectionality, literality of the language, equivalence relations, functional generalization, rule-governed behavior (Hayes S.
The observed bidirectionality is biologically plausible in that depression involves neuroendocrine activation and a chronic inflammatory state that can induce insulin resistance, while the burden of managing type 2 diabetes causes psychological stress which might increase depressive symptoms.
The chronosystem is defined as the interactions between the individual and environments over time, and bidirectionality is the dynamic and influential relationship between the individual and each of the contexts in the model.