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n in herbalism, the property of tonic herbs that allows them to maintain balance by eliciting a response in opposite directions depending on the needs of the individual taking them. See also adaptogen and tonic herbs.
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Finally, the analysis of the development of individual rights under the assumptions of Model 2 bidirectionality will help us better understand the limits and possibilities of contemporary normative constitutional theories as guides to past and future Court actions.
This parent survey was our primary source of the instruments for dealing with the problem of bidirectionality of peer influence in the estimate of the peer effect.
Max(X) constraints allow moderate bidirectionality within a monodirectional productionoriented optimality theory and give better results on freezing.
Findings demonstrated that the bidirectionality of the relations between work and family life also exists in anticipated conflicts.
Communication bidirectionality refers to the extent to which each party in a communication process gives feedback and input to the other (Anderson, Lodish, and Weitz 1987).
The degree of bidirectionality in the communication was computed by transforming the direction measure following the procedure developed by Mohr (1989).
Mutual entailment refers to the derived bidirectionality of stimulus relations, whereas combinatorial entailment refers to instances in which two or more relations are combined to make a third relation (Hayes, Barnes-Holmes, & Roche, 2001).
However, much research has either been limited to work-to-family conflict (WFC) or has confounded the bidirectionality of the construct.
In January, Hydro-Quebec joined the UBI (Universality, Bidirectionality, Interactivity) consortium and thus became a participant in the development of the information highway, which will introduce innovations into the utility's communications with its customers.
In RFT, the expression mutual entailment denotes the essential bidirectionality of such relational responding, even when the correspondence is not specifically symmetrical.
According to this account, the bidirectionality of human language greatly expands the range of situations that are aversive because symbolic behavior permits the categorization of private events and contact with them in almost any setting.
436) reasons for disregarding bidirectionality are unacceptable.