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n in herbalism, the property of tonic herbs that allows them to maintain balance by eliciting a response in opposite directions depending on the needs of the individual taking them. See also adaptogen and tonic herbs.
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Based on the bidirectional Yagi antenna mentioned in the last section, we propose a stacked bidirectional antenna in this section.
The proposed bidirectional antenna combines the coupling feed driver and stacked director array, as shown in Figure 5.
Besides, these radiation pattern figures show a highly concentrated bidirectional beam pattern.
The performance of the proposed bidirectional antenna is also compared with some previous directional antennas, as shown in Table 1.
SoundClear provides natural bidirectional communication in business speakerphones, mobile phones, VoIP telephones, hands-free car kits, Bluetooth accessories, and other speakerphone-enabled products.
We will integrate other uni- and bidirectional transport services into the PLEXiS platform as they develop in the future.
The new design tool is PC resident, running under currently supported versions of Microsoft Windows and exchanging document designs and modifications interactively with the iSeries (AS/400) platform by means of an innovative bidirectional Java-based file transfer utility.