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A gene on chromosome 22q11.1, which encodes a member of the BCL-2 family of cell death regulators. BID heterodimerises with either agonist BAX or antagonist BCL2. Caspase-8 cleaves BID, mediating mitochondrial damage when the COOH-terminal part translocates to mitochondria, triggering cytochrome c release.

bis in di·e

, bid (bis in dē'ā)
Twice a day.


Abbreviation for bis in die.
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However, Bidder V had declined to sign a non-disclosure agreement in the form required by Morgans and had not made any further proposal to Morgans following its preliminary proposal.
Chelan Falls Park boat launch and dock replacement, Chelan County PUD; apparent low bidder was Redside Construction.
From April 1, 2013 under new rules being introduced bidders for Government contracts will need to certify that they are tax compliant.
The dependent variable is the price paid by the winning bidder.
Even more significant is the fact that a state agency is now precluded from awarding a contract to a bidder that has been determined to be non-responsible because of a knowing and willful violation of the prohibitions against impermissible contacts unless the state entity finds that a limited exception is applicable.
The bidder with user name dglawrence made the first bid, and later, with less than a minute until the end of the auction, raised his/her maximum by $5,100.
Maiden Lane Chapel updates, Wenatchee; apparent low bidder was Knerr Construction.
The lawsuit comes just weeks after another bidder for the building, real estate investment firm, Leslie Dick Worldwide Ltd.
School officials decided several months ago to pay a yet undetermined premium price for each bidder to submit a guaranteed maximum price on the project.
Also, it is important to note that any time during this process a bidder might make a preemptive bid to short-circuit the sale.
The auction of a unique work of art not for resale is the prototypical private-values model, whereas a Treasury auction--with each bidder guessing at the security's value at the end of the day--is an example of a common-values model.
com), the world's largest real auction marketplace, today unveiled its new online bidding application, Bidder App 5.