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Transportation via a device with a rigid or shock-absorbing frame bearing two tandemly mounted spoked wheels covered by pneumatic tyres, which is propelled by the rider whose mechanical force is transmitted via a chain and modified by gears, producing forward movement the velocity of which reflects terrain and volition
Main injuries Pain, numbness and injuries of the knee, as well as wrists, buttocks, pelvis, carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve, skin breakdown of the buttocks due to over-training, pelvic nerve compression, transient sexual dysfunction due to long rides
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Sports medicine Main injuries Pain, numbness and injuries, primarily of the knee, but also wrists, buttocks, pelvis, carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve, skin breakdown of the buttocks due to overtraining, pelvic nerve compression, transient sexual dysfunction due to long rides. See Water therapy.
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Patient discussion about bicycling

Q. is biking good for as jogging? what do you gain from it any way? health speaking ...

A. As far as it regards the heart, the main aim is to reach your target heart rate (pulse), while the way to achieve it is less important - jogging, biking, etc.

Biking has benefit (not including jumping like running) but also has its drawbacks (issues concerning testicles in long rides). It'd be best, before you start any exercise program to consult your doctor - he knows your body and its diseases better than us, and therefore will give you more suitable answers.

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