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a muscle having two heads. The biceps muscle of the upper limb flexes and supinates the forearm; the biceps muscle of the thigh flexes and rotates the lower limb laterally and extends the thigh. See anatomic Table of Muscles in the Appendices.
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, pl.




(bī'seps), The correct singular form is biceps; there is no such word as bicep.
A muscle with two origins or heads. Commonly used to refer to the biceps brachii (muscle).
[bi- + L. caput, head]
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n. pl. biceps
1. A muscle with two heads or points of origin.
a. The large muscle at the front of the upper arm that flexes the forearm. Also called biceps brachii.
b. The large muscle at the back of the thigh that flexes the knee joint. Also called biceps femoris.
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adjective Pertaining to a muscle with 2 heads, e.g., biceps brachii, see there.

noun A muscle with 2 heads or origins, in particular the major flexor of the arm and thigh.


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A muscle with two origins or heads. Commonly used to refer to the biceps brachii muscle.
[bi- + L. caput, head]
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(bī′sĕps) [″ + caput, head]
A muscle with two heads.
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biceps brachii

The muscle of the upper arm that flexes the elbow and supinates the forearm.
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biceps femoris

One of the hamstring muscles lying on the posterior lateral side of the thigh. It flexes the leg, rotates it outward, and also extends the thigh.
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a group of muscles present in the upper forelimb of TETRAPODS which are flexors of the elbow joint. In the hind limb the biceps femoris is a flexor of the knee and an elevator of the femur. See ANTAGONISM.
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The muscle in the front of the upper arm.
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Patient discussion about biceps

Q. What is a fast and effective way to get bigger biceps and triceps? I am one of the regular goers to gym for the past 6 months and I am very fond of disposing my biceps and triceps. What is a fast and effective way to get bigger biceps and triceps?

A. I would not do any curls at all. Instead focus on multi joint, compound movements. Try back workouts, pull ups, chin ups, etc.

These will work your biceps. Make sure to go as heavy as possible without hurting yourself, and consume protein. The rest and drink alot of water. Sleep adequately.

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The repair route may include any of the following: removing the torn part of the labrum, reattaching the torn part of the labrum using sutures, and sometimes even cutting the biceps tendon attachment and relocating it to the armpit.
Rupture of the distal biceps tendon represents only 3% of biceps rapture events compared to 97% at the proximal origin.
Since the biceps brachii muscle is an active supinator and flexor muscle of forearm, it is not suitable for use as a flap on a functional upper limb.
Sweiter and Carmichael [20] emphasised that the incidence of additional heads of biceps brachii is more on the right side reflecting the fact that there were more right-handed people than the left handed and that the muscle fibre developed with use.
Figura 3 - Medias do musculo biceps braquial nos diferentes exercicios realizados em ordem crescente de ativacao muscular.
Tuberculous distal biceps tendon rupture is a rare condition in orthopedics.
It is generally thought that functional limitations following a proximal biceps rupture are relatively minimal, due to the work of other flexors and supinators, including the brachialis and brachioradialis.
He shared several Instagram photos showing his biceps which appeared to be discolored, a possible consequence of his usage of homemade synthol which he claimed he makes using olive oil, lidocaine, and benzyl alcohol.
Firstly the biceps long head tendon groove was marked under ultrasound guidance (Figure 1(a)).
Segato is aiming to pump his biceps by a further 10 cm, in hopes that his muscles will one day lead him to stardom.