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adjective Referring to a bibliography, or the history of books.
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Better Dead continued to live on bibliographically in a sort of ghostlike state.
Indeed, Erne's study is throughout enriched by the work of a new generation of bibliographically inclined scholars, including, in addition to Farmer and Lesser, Sonia Massai, Adam Hooks, and Tiffany Stern.
(19) This is exactly what happens in Vannini's volume: an erudite, bibliographically rich and philosophically deep, but also a little too dogmatic, treatment.
Here, in concise chapters supported with bibliographically thickened endnotes, are introductory revisionist discussions by such established scholars as John Hedley Brooke (Myth 25), ASA Fellow Edward B.
Each author is outlined both biographically and bibliographically and also located contextually.
One early treatment of the link between group conflict and radically shifting policy in Argentina that is ignored entirely in this otherwise fairly complete bibliographically supported work is that of Marcelo Diamand (in "El pendulo argentino: [??]hasta cuando?", CERES, 1984).
Directly addressing the relative scope of the collection would make this book bibliographically more useful.
reader-conflation is bibliographically questionable is less relevant to
Seen as a regulative idea, the "work" retains its function as a pragmatic agreement for organizing our remembered experiences of reading documents that are closely related bibliographically and for delimiting the relevance of documents being investigated for their relevance to an editing project: for an edition of the "work."
While the most common surviving sixteenth-century books are very common indeed--for some we have registered over one hundred surviving copies--more than half of the 52,000 bibliographically distinct items registered in our bibliography French Vernacular Books survive in fewer than four copies.

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