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adjective Referring to a bibliography, or the history of books.


pertaining to the literature of a subject.

bibliographical tools
the ways in which a bibliography can be approached or managed. These include current literature scans, article indexes, compilations of abstracts, lists of current contents, abstracting journals, lists of titles, subject reviews, bibliographies, lists of headings, lists of headwords and synonyms, computerized databases and thesauruses.
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d) Organization: Since accessibility and use of the acquired materials are very important, libraries have to describe the materials bibliographically (cataloging) as well as providing them with classification numbers for easy arrangement and retrieval.
It would have been an appropriate rapprochement of the "idea utopica di una comunita scrivente" (7), as well as of the "intrecciarsi di linguaggi" (9), had the otherwise bibliographically conscientious "Notizie biografiche" (221-26) made a similar effort towards a multilingual forum of lost and found in translation.
Beverly Barksdale wrote the catalog's foreword, and she is cited bibliographically as its author, though her foreword makes clear that Meyer-Baer was curator for the exhibition.
In these cases, Charteris might have been better off presenting his information in tabular form, rather than relying on the confusing and bibliographically unhelpful format best exemplified in source no.
Unfortunately, it also runs the risk of making the final product seem out of step with current scholarship and bibliographically out of date.
Only one of the Bridgewater (Egerton) copies was sold, however, The Tragedy of Cleopatra, a bibliographically independent part, with separate title page and signatures, of the 1599 collected edition of Daniel's Poetical Essays.
This book, based on a bibliographically rich course given by the author at the College de France in May-June 2001, deals with some of the thorniest problems in Semitic and Afroasiatic linguistics: the nature of the Semitic root (biliteralism vs.
The syntactic confusion here need not have been deliberate since, bibliographically as well as thematically, Festus became over the years its own cause for celebration.
These include disciplinary specialization (and with it the fragmentation of literature), burgeoning interdisciplinary information needs, a lack of resources to manage materials that require translation, and a lack of methods to manage bibliographically the variety of media and formats for new materials.
To approach the study of manuscript collections in this new way will require scholars to move from thinking bibliographically to thinking bibliogeographically.
As editor, Coleridge has also designed his sequence bibliographically.
Folio 50 represents a great advance bibliographically, although it does not approach the normal standards of descriptive bibliography.

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