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adjective Referring to a bibliography, or the history of books.
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This selection of books, providing modern critical texts and studies or the bibliographical tools to access the original editions, deals with two subjects: the Reuchlin Affair in pre-Reformation Germany; and the Reformation debate itself.
The pre-publication price of [pounds]9,000 will, however, make its cost prohibitive to many of the more hard-pressed university libraries; very useful and expensive bibliographical tools and databases are now appearing all the time and competing for scarce funds in a subject-area which has traditionally been excluded from the kinds of budgets and grants that scientific research has long taken for granted.
In his summary of the conference, Roy Stokes, the noted British scholar and bibliographer, then Director of the School of Librarianship, University of British Columbia, cautioned those present not to rely entirely on national institutions to follow up on the recommendation `on things which need to be done.' He insisted that `unless we accept the individual challenge that bibliographical work shall be done and that there is nobody but ourselves to do it.' The sessions generated much lively discussion and also resulted in a great many recommendations, sixty-two in all, on national and regional needs, bibliographical tools in various disciplines that should be undertaken or improved, funding of bibliographical work, and training.
The volume comprises eight main sections: 'Introductory Materials'; 'Basic Bibliographical Tools for Research in Music'; 'Area Bibliographies and Other Reference Sources'; 'Dictionaries and Encyclopedias of Music'; 'Sources Treating the History of Music'; 'Current Research Journals in Music'; 'Editions of Music'; and the inevitable 'Miscellaneous Sources'.

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