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John's bibliographical researches gives poignancy to George Harris Healey's catalogue of The Cornell Wordsworth Collection (1957), a work that has stood for over 50 years as the most trustworthy and most complete of the Wordsworth bibliographies.
In conclusion, How to Read a Shakespearean Play Text is a solid but gentle introduction to the bibliographical and textual principles, methods, and issues most relevant to the study of early modern drama in print.
This difference in the increased quantity of bibliographical references in Gray as compared to de Lerma does not detract from the importance and value of the earlier work.
Clearly the authors have remained engaged with the considerable problems of preparing a succinct and authoritative introduction to bibliographical and textual matters, and have been alert to the varying needs of revision among the topics they examine.
Millett closes his bibliographical discussion in a chapter devoted strictly to the military aspects of the Korean War.
Scientific journals are the principal means of bibliographical research and publication of scientific research (Arenas, Garcia, & Espasandin, 2001; Campos, 2003; Tahai & Meyer, 1999; Vilhena & Crestana, 2002), because they present the main results of investigations and constitute inputs for new ones (Romancini, 2004).
However, that is a danger inherent in bibliographical productions of this kind, and the authors cover this by the descriptive material which accompanies each entry.
Six 'Environmental Disasters' titles in a colorful, contemporary series are geared for grades 5 and up each offer 48 pages of historical background which blends timelines and facts with maps, diagrams, photos, and web site and bibliographical references to provide well-rounded coverages.
A Bibliography Of American County Histories is justifiably considered to be a standard bibliographical reference.
Further, a bibliographical essay detailing where one might find the complete sources would have been helpful.
Although there is a list of contents there is no list of sources which means that readers cannot look up the bibliographical information regarding the selections.
Each 16-page edition includes commentary, news, full bibliographical references and links to full-text documents and related materials.

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