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adjective Referring to a bibliography, or the history of books.


pertaining to the literature of a subject.

bibliographical tools
the ways in which a bibliography can be approached or managed. These include current literature scans, article indexes, compilations of abstracts, lists of current contents, abstracting journals, lists of titles, subject reviews, bibliographies, lists of headings, lists of headwords and synonyms, computerized databases and thesauruses.
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Reed is not just extending the studies of Healey and Wise, or simply applying a kind of post-Bowers bibliographical rigor to Wordsworth.
It is therefore exceedingly pleasurable to recommend this bibliographical guide.
The "Glossary of Bibliographical and Textual Terms" does not include "bastard impression" (37); "Old Style" (161) has only a cross-reference to "roman type"; it would have been helpful to have some reference here to different forms of dating in early books, to either the Julian (old style) or Gregorian (new style) calendar, a matter of some bibliographical importance; "Parchment" invites a cross reference to "Vellum"; I don"t think "Juvenilia" ("Writings produced by an author in his or her youth," 158) properly belongs in this list, nor "Ur-Text" (except as a vestige of outmoded textual terminology).
The objective of this article is to propose a three-stage method, with the use of multiple rankings as a starting point in the first stage, to help carry out bibliographical research in a more effective and systematic fashion.
This field, of course, is far from new; but it has been embraced by critical theorists and social historians in such a way that the traditional descriptive bibliographical analysis can be embedded in historical and cultural context.
A well-known authority on music by women composers of African descent, Walker-Hill provides a staggering amount of information, bibliographical references and sources.
A treasure trove of information, in addition to the annotated letters, a chronology of Zora's life, a glossary of the people, events and institutions to which she refers in her letters, and a thorough bibliographical listing are generously included by editor Carla Kaplan.
com (Westboro, MA), a provider of directory technology and online yellow pages, to provide detailed bibliographical data about more than 350,000 attorneys in the U.
Vandler Meulen (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia for the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, 2000).
Sir Walter Scott: A Bibliographical History, 1796-1832.
Even Frank, with his showy 21 pages of tightly spaced bibliographical references, manages to omit the most cited paper in all of economic literature, an article directly relevant to his topic.
Includes a glossary, bibliographical references, and index; this text also has history, famous ballets and dancers, guides on how to look at a ballet, and recommended videos.

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