bibliographic database

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a collection of data or information. In online information retrieval, a collection of index records in machine readable form.
bibliographic database a database containing bibliographic records.
full text database a database containing the complete text of a source document such as a legal decision, news story, journal article, or other primary source.

bibliographic database

An indexed computerised database or printed source of citations of journal articles and other reports in the literature.
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If yes to question one, in the past year approximately how often have you used a bibliographic database like PubMed to conduct a literature search?
If this is considered useful, we should include Science Citation Index (at least the chemistry part) in the universal chemical bibliographic database.
The Unisa Library is a founding member of the Gauteng and Environs Library Consortium (GAELIC), and this has made resource sharing in the area of shared subscriptions to bibliographic databases possible.
The addition of bibliographic databases and commercial electronic journal archives to the university system also represents many of the programmatic directions taken by other more recent consortial arrangements.
0 that enables users to link from search results in their Ovid bibliographic databases to full-text journal articles located on remote publishers' Web sites.
Electronic Business and Information Services (EBIS), Baker & Taylor's information services unit, has announced that it has unveiled new enhancements to its Internet bibliographic database, The Title Source II.
Elsevier Science, Secondary Publishing Division has announced the availability of its bibliographic database, BIOTECHNOBASE, via ScienceDirect (http://www.
has announced a new software product, the Ovid OpenLinks Toolkit, to enhance the value of its bibliographic database subscriptions.
EBIS says The Title Source II is the only bibliographic database currently available with inventory from multiple vendors.
In a separate news release, Ovid announced a new software product, Ovid OpenLinks Toolkit, to enhance the value of customers' Ovid bibliographic database subscriptions.

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