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Access to information means more than providing the bibliographic citation. Librarians are trained to locate information resources.
These subsets can include pure bibliographic citation or a variety of enhanced citations with various pieces of valueadded information: abstracts, descriptors, subject codes, cited references, etc.
The formats include bibliographic citation only, citations with abstracts, full ASCII text, full ASCII text with the reproduction of the figures, and, best of all, page-image format.
Basic linking takes the user from a bibliographic citation to the full text, when available.
Arranged by title, entries include the database(s) that index the articles, dates of coverage, and whether articles are offered in full text, abstract, or bibliographic citation. Coverage in Humanities & Religion encompasses 43,000 periodicals in the arts, architecture, philosophy, psychology, criminal justice, ethnicity, gender, and religion, among other fields.
This user ratings survey focuses on bibliographic citation management software.
These included the complete bibliographic citation, classification number, and the department for which the item was purchased.
Each time I called, I had to dictate my name, school, address, and telephone number and full bibliographic citation, and then I had to wait while a third party entered all that data on their terminal and performed the search.
Sections cover bibliographic citations to books and articles about him and his work in general, then his various projects, arranged chronologically, including his work for Roseanne and Parenthood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, comic books, Firefly and Serenity, Dr.
Each chapter is enhanced with text boxes, illustrations, and pertinent bibliographic citations. Some of the black-and-white images are blurry.
Intended for nutritionists and medical students alike, this specific focus and approach gathers a host of relevant articles and insights and pairs them with extensive bibliographic citations perfect for further study, making Nutritional Intervention in Metabolic Syndrome a complex and authoritative synthesis of the latest research in the field.
Some of the important achievements of this project include development of a comprehensive physical collection of Islamic bioethics resources and a database of bibliographic citations of these resources, facilitating various collaborative research initiatives with interested stakeholders, facilitating the production of several scholarly publications on Islamic bioethics that have either appeared or scheduled to appear in important academic journals, and raising awareness about Muslim contributions and perspectives on bioethical debates through presentations at local, regional, and international conferences and meetings.
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