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The final chapters deal with insight into how God's creative power is integrated with the heart, the body's cells, our emotions, genetics, and stress in the process toward health and Biblical healing.
Among specific topics are the cases of Marsilio Ficino and the art of the distillation of "spirits" as a technological model for human physiology, Herman Boerhaave's neurology and the unchanging nature of physiology, the Biblical healing of the woman with the haemorrhage in early Medieval visual culture, the body without skin in the Homeric poems, and maternal vocality and melancholy in Webster's Duchess of Malfi.
Based on their review of the terminology and texts related to healing in the Bible, Monroe and Schwab identified a number of themes related to Biblical healing.
Blacksmith is co-founder of Gathering Nations International, a Christian organization that is based in biblical healing.
In this article I review some of the current research being advanced to challenge us to think about biblical healing in new ways.