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Any sporting event made up of two disciplines which, as a winter sport, refers specifically to cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The so-called modern biathlon combines running and swimming but, when no Olympic-sized pool is available, a biathlon may consist of running and biking, usually bicycling and running—i.e., it is a triathlon without the swimming
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Eric turned in a personal best time of 7:43 in the mile-run portion of the 10-and-under biathlon. A strong showing in the swimming competition earned him first place and a $2,000 scholarship to Northwood University.
Spring Biathlon Swim Ages 6 and under Freestyle (25 yards) Ages 7 and 8 Freestyle (50 yards) Ages 9 and 10 Freestyle (100 yards) Ages 11 and 12 Freestyle (100 yards)
The biathlon is one of the most arduous sports in the world, combining cross-country running with high- class shooting skills.
In the current Biathlon World Cup season, it is her fourth victory along with ones second place.
Tank crews of Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Syria, Belarus, Serbia, and Russia competed on the Tank Biathlon's second day.
Cnossen won the men's biathlon sprint in 23.37.6 seconds, the men's cross-country sprint in 2 minutes, 50.0 seconds, and the men's cross-country mid-distance race in 22 minutes, 20.2 seconds.
Avvakumova, 28, competed in the women's 15km individual competition at the Alpensia Biathlon Center, clocking the time of 44 minutes, 25.3 seconds and finishing 16th which bested 32nd place by Anna Frolina, another South Korean born in Russia.
Teja GREGORIN, 37, of Slovenia, competing in the following events: the women's 7.5km biathlon event, in which she ranked 9th; the women's 10km pursuit biathlon event, in which she also ranked 9th; the women's 15km biathlon event, in which she ranked 36th; the women's 12.5km mass start biathlon event, in which she ranked 5th and for which she was awarded a diploma; and the women's 4x6km relay event, in which she ranked 8th and for which she was awarded diplomas; has been disqualified from the Olympic Games Vancouver 2010.
The 2017 Chief, National Guard Bureau Biathlon Championship was held at the Camp Ethan Allen Training Site in Jericho, Vermont, last March 3 to March 10.
BASKETBALL: NBA, Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers -BT Sport 1 2200 SKIING: World Cup, Nordic Combined -Eurosport 1 0845; World Cup, Alpine -Eurosport 1 1000; World Cup, Cross-Country -Eurosport 1 1200; World Cup, Nordic Combined -Eurosport 1 1430; World Cup, Biathlon -Eurosport 1 1645; World Cup, Biathlon -Eurosport 1 1805; World Cup, Alpine -Eurosport 1 0245 (Sunday).
Prior to that achievement, Mutch had already become the national modern biathlon champion in November 2013.