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Any sporting event made up of two disciplines which, as a winter sport, refers specifically to cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The so-called modern biathlon combines running and swimming but, when no Olympic-sized pool is available, a biathlon may consist of running and biking, usually bicycling and running—i.e., it is a triathlon without the swimming
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Another team to toast at Bablake is the Year 7 Shell Biathletes as they posted a superb win at the recent Modern Pentathlon Regional Schools qualifier.
I say true, but remind them that you don't see any cross country-skiers coming over to the biathlon and winning medals where as biathletes regularly go over to cross-country and win.
I managed it and it was won by a guy called Mick Dickson, who is a Scottish biathlete.
Also in action today are Leon Flack in the men's 1000m speedskating quarter-finals, and the British biathletes in the men's 12.
Now, seven years later he's on target to compete against the world's best biathletes.
Mary Beth was one of the top biathletes in Canada, training for world competition.
Biathletes Michael Dixon and Mark Gee started with a tough 20km race as Dixon finished 33rd from a field of 75 and Gee 68th.
While the biathletes are still competing for the top positions, Siemens mobile has already won the contest for leadership in the Russian mobile communications market: Siemens mobile phones are the country's most popular mobiles by far with a market share of around 30 percent.
Fans and fellow biathletes reacted with horror, with Great Britain's sixtimes Olympian Mike Dixon saying: "The bullet's exit speed is 500 miles per hour.
The Bablake biathletes competed against more than 300 others, which is a record entry.
He said measures could include reorganising medical support work for biathletes.