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adjective Referring to that which occurs once yearly.
noun A publication produced on a yearly basis.
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Q. I am having mammograms annually since 10 years (now 43). I am having mammograms annually since 10 years (now 43), I'm not sure how much of the "armpit" area is included. I have recently noticed a lump on my right about half way between my breast and my armpit. It can be tricky to locate at times and I really don't think it's anything serious as it feels smooth and round. I do have very dense breasts. I had a core biopsy done on the same breast, upper & outer quadrant, some years ago that was benign. I am going to have my mammo for this year and I was wondering if this area between the breast and the armpit will be covered?

A. It’s difficult to get that area of the armpit in mammogram and I don't think they can get that close. If there is a lump, it will need to be addressed. Just let doctor know. Maybe they will send you for ultrasound. Good luck for your treatment.

Q. What is the best way to treat fungal infection so it wont come back every year at the same time?? I don't know where I got it from- maybe caught it in a public shower,some people say it develops while the foot is in the shoe for long hours- I'm not sure- but every fall, for like 5 years now, I've been having this fungal infection in a few spots in my feet. usually in the same exact spots and ewvery year another one show up. what to do to make it go away?? it's real ugly and itchy, can't stand it. any help would be appreciated...

A. i also used to have fungal infections (Athlete's foot). i just applied a topical anti fungal cream to treat it and then continued applying it for prevention and started to use sandals in public showers. and thank god, i don't have any now.

Q. During every year winter my mom depression increases,so please tell which ways to cope up? My mom is 47 and every year during winter her depression increases. She craves for sweets and cannot work if she does not bask in the sunshine every day. During these days she eats a lot and sleeps a lot. She is gaining weight. This weight gain increases her depression. She loves cooking but she cannot cook and eats all the junks available in market. She sleeps in day. She cannot get good sleep at night. This again adds on her stress. Please tell any ways to cope up.

A. I think your mom is having Seasonal Affective Disorder. Where the person gets depressed with the change in the season and cannot bear that change. This depression repeats every year at the same time. They can also get depression on the sudden change of weather which depresses them. Let your mother have lots of sunlight. Make her room and kitchen brighten with lights. This will make her feel better.

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"Biannual Downstream M&A and Capital Raising Deals Review - H1 2019", report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on M&A (mergers, acquisitions, and asset transactions) and financings (equity/debt offerings and PE/VC), in the downstream oil and gas industry.
The authority is currently applying monthly and quarterly tax periods, and is preparing to introduce biannual periods for certain sectors.
8 ( ANI ): A delegation of Pakistan Rangers led by Director General (Sindh Rangers) Major General Muhammad Saeed reached New Delhi for 44th Biannual DG-level talks on Wednesday.
Totalling QR3,000,000, Thara'a cash rewards are distributed on both a monthly and biannual basis to customers holding a minimum balance of QR10,000.
Seetharam said it will instead be held as a biannual event from 2017 and have a different format.
Mohammad Ali Bosaqzadeh, production control director at the National Petrochemical Industries Company (NPIC), said the biannual output registered a five percent increase compared to the similar period last year.
CEB's Consumer Financial Monitor is a biannual, global survey of over 18,000 consumers created to help financial services providers better understand the reality of their consumers personal finances, attitudes about providers and satisfaction with their product offerings.
AN athletics club is holding its biannual race in memory of a former coach.
Penn State's biannual Nittany Lights event, a hands-on event for lighting students and professionals, took place this year from October 3-5.
Well, you could have a comedy sketch with Andy Murray and Terry Wogan, let cM Jamie Oliver sing, refuse to move Gogglebox, end with Hills fullfrontal and hold Alan Carr: Chatty Man there.Then C4 could air all seven hours of this lousy, biannual answer to Children In Need, Stand Up To Cancer, hosted by Davina "Amazing" McCall, Carr and smug Christian Jessen.
The World Bank recently issued its biannual Global Economic Prospects that drastically downgraded its forecast for economic growth from the previous biannual report.